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It's been awhile since my last post, my camera wasn't working at all and now it still isn't working very well but I'll take what I can get! Please excuse the not-so-great pics, I'm working toward a new camera. I took a pic of each wall so you could get a feel for the way it's set up. Here we go. I bought a couple of used bookcases from Craigslist and separated the shelves by subject. As you can see, I still have a lot of space left over as I'm still trying to figure it all out. The cart on the left holds supplies like construction paper, pens, glue, that kind of thing. Beware though, many of the members do not know how to Google. Mix together the cream cheese, condensed milk, and whipped topping for the custard and set aside. In a medium saucepan, stir the sugar, cornstarch, Jello and add the water. Stir on medium heat until it thickens. Take half of the crushed peppermint and mix into the white chocolate. Mix the cereal and melted chocolate mixture in a big bowl. Make sure the cereal is well coated. Pour the cereal onto a sheet of aluminum foil and top with the remaining peppermint. Store in an air tight container until ready to serve. We have not provided specifics about the motorcycle currently in development, or the possible timing of its introduction. That’s really all we can say at this point. . The refrigerator part of the cryoplant then takes that gas and cools it to makes liquid helium to refill what was lost in the cryostat. For years we have not had enough gas storage capacity to recover all the helium we put into the refrigeration cycle during a test. This is wasteful and getting much more expensive. Helium is recovered as a by product of natural gas drilling. simple, white and natural love the beautiful atmosphere of this house seen in bo bedre see more here and here ps. ". "It takes humility to put God back in the driver's seat. The other day I drove my mother to the doctor and, just like most passengers she cannot read my mind and know my thoughts as I make decisions about acceleration and braking. It doesn't take much to make me happy. Junk makes me happy. And my husband is glad when it is free.

That's why we have a metal detector.

There is a wanna be treasure hunter in us both. apropos of nothing in particular. . The Weeklies, of which Orwell identifies ten, produced by two different publishers and including two older series somewhat different from the others, were very popular reading, targeted at boys up to about fourteen or fifteen. I have been experimenting with WordPress Caching programs. Over that last few months I have been trying out WordPress caching programs to see what works the best. We started with 'WP Super Cache'. It delivered pages very fast, unless it was the first time the page had been accessed this hour, and then it was slow. But every once in a while the page load time would get really slow.

St Louis was quite impressive.

I liked it. As a matter of fact, I woke up there this morning, and we drove back just now. I collected a lot of interesting stuff. Meeting more of my people was great.

But right now? I've got to go to work.

Labels: friends, life interfering with fun, work. Tam, as she often does, hit the nail on the head:"Having a dedicated Agency responsible for "gun crimes" creates an incentive to find and, if necessary, manufacture gun crimes in order to justify their existence. "It is not because I'm a generalist that I am annoyed at the BATF. I just recently did a sexual assault investigation with the assistance of a larger city investigator who specializes in that, specifically on children. Barry Green is a former district attorney in Wise County By-Gawd, Texas. He still practices law there, and he just doesn't seem to give a damn what you think of him. You kind of have to admire that in a man. Funny stuff. He also has some decent off-the-cuff local news updates and thoughts for north Texas. Labels: heh, in the news, Other blogs, Texas. Dang, but I've been lied to a lot at work, today. Labels: brooding, day at the office. Turn on the motion sensor and when activated by lightly touching the broomstick, our broom dances. Beware. With this months release there was plenty of winter goodness to play with! Today I used the Frosty Friends set but I only used the snowman from it. Good morning.

I have used the Large Bearded Iris.

I never have sympathy cards and I always feel funny about "making" one. I don't know why, but I do. However, when I saw these new flower images I thought they would make perfect sympathy cards. I wasn't quite sure how to color an Iris, so I used good ol' google to look up some pictures to see how the colors are. There are alot of really nice variations but I choose to use yellow and purple. Thanks for looking! Pin It. I'm writing this list across the inside of my forehead, to use next time I need assurance, or want to teach others about it. Joe Thorn. Practising fear - A thoughtful post about what it looks like to fear God - and what it looks like not to fear God. This requires slow reflection and repentance. Print, read, reflect. David Mears. I said I'd spoken my last words on honesty - well, actually, I cheated and used Tracey's words instead - and so I have, until next time. But I just had to link to this wise and challenging post on women encouraging each other one-on-one by Cathy McKay at the ever excellent The Best Book Co-op. Cathy talks about how to confess sin to one another in the context of a relationship of mutual encouragement, how to respond when your Christian sister confesses sin to you, and how to pray about your sin together. I found her suggestions about how to be careful in our honesty, and how to respond to honesty, particularly helpful. Are you in love with your husband? Not, Do you love him? I know you do. He has been around a long time, and you're used to him. He is the father of your children. But are you in love with him? How long has it been since your heart really squeezed when you looked at him?. Your husband needs to be told that you love him, that he is attractive to you. By the grace of God, I want you to start changing your thought pattern. Tomorrow morning, get your eyes off the toaster or the baby bottles long enough to LOOK at him. Don't you see the way his coat fits his shoulders? Look at his hands. The Hell Fire Club. Black and white scans and photos. Plug me in, I'm ready to play. But not like this. Creepy.

Issues explored: Augmented reality, online dating, gamification, technology etiquette, online advertising.

Instead of finding some weekend reading for you, this time I have some music.

Listen. it's sublime. This is Australian man Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu singing Bapa. Geoffrey has been blind since birth and he sings in "language". He speaks and sings almost no English. We're getting lightning, crashing thunder and a river running past our door. And only yesterday I was saying it felt strange to have to water the butterfly bushes. Alex Chilton, lead singer, died last week. But then, I don't much care about the private lives and personal characteristics of famous or notorious people. Steve Cohen:. I texted him and to confirm if he is the other guest of BP because I was also worrying because the weather is not that good that is always raining. I thought we are the reason of the delay going to Lobo Batangas. "Filipino Time" indeed Joke. we can't stretch and relax our feet. This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. The following texts are God’s conditions for answered prayer. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, with prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. I also learned that, no matter how hard you try, you can’t outrun your early childhood failures.

More on that later.

In March of this year, I had run my first race after healing from my broken foot. This was a chance for revenge. Ready-made structure arrives. With a modern diesel depot scene to build, I've treated myself to one of Bachmann's ready-to-plant diesel traction depots. Immediately, the shed looks more refined and the addition of health and safety signage, plus the EWS logo bring the structure to life. Right - on with the baseboards. Classic container style recreated.

It's a simple bit of graphic design, but a very effective one.

The post-privatisation Freightliner TOC carried on using the logo for a short time before the adoption of the green/yellow scheme. So, I used the Fox pack for the Freightliner lettering and improvised the other markings from the scrap box. The red traingle and stripe were masked-up and sprayed. .