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I have to admit, my favorite thing about Spearmint is its smell! I love to diffuse it while in the bath or even add it to my bath bombs. It's the perfect oil to add to a lip gloss, and it goes well with other oils. I LOVE to put this oil on my diffuser necklace to keep me energized and uplifted. Here are some other uses for spearmint:. Sportster Seventy-Two motorcycle to be raffled off to benefit MDA KANSAS CITY, Mo. , Aug. The FULL BOAR Harley-Davidson Factory Open House is Friday and Saturday, Sept. m. m. Congress Ave. Our friend, Philip Johnson, has posted news about the episcopal imprimatur just received for his requests for prayer for his healing though the intercession of Father Price, as well as for the cause for canonization of this exemplary priest. You may visit his blog, In Caritate Non Ficta, for more information and to request prayer cards. Thank you. joyofbaking. This is my favorite time of year, sunny "cool" crisp dry days that energize. I am glad the humid summer is over. Maybe its time for, "stink up the house" Cabbage Creole. Tweet Polymer-based sheets are thinner than bitumen sheets and are used where the thicker bitumen dpc mortar joint would be unsightly. This dpc material, which has its laps sealed with adhesive, may be punctured by sharp particles and edges. feed. entry. length. Tweet Strip foundations consist of a continuous strip, usually of concrete, formed centrally under load bearing walls. The width of a concrete strip foundation depends on the bearing capacity of the subsoil and the load on the foundations. The greater the bearing capacity of the subsoil the less the width of the foundation for the same load. The dimensions given are indicative of what might be acceptable in the conditions specified rather than absolutes to be accepted regardless of the conditions prevailing on individual sites. With its breathable design it will also allow water to filter through. It is color fast and won't rot, mildew or mold. Shade Sails can be easily attached with its corner D-Ring. Zzzzz. oh. It occurs to me that many of my younger readers will not be familiar with the melody "Lili Marlene" referred to in my previous post.

The Sunbirds came better prepared this time, with hydration belts and packs, x-terrain shoes, and a good breakfast to ensure they can last the whole distance.

After the team and group briefings, we got off to a nice start towards the Northern Trails. The air was fresh and crisp as we ran along the trails, chit-chatting and enjoying ourselves. The Run Leaders and Guides were kept busy with the winding routes of twists and turns, pointing out the many turning points to the Sunbird trainees, and were energetic enough to motivate and cheer on the runners at the same time. Faber. Most came prepared, with a few scurrying in from work and their busy schedules to make it in time for this 'siong but satisfying' training workout. There were tempo runs, hill repeats and loops incorporated, and at the end of the evening, many tired trainees were happy to have cleared their first official Kingfisher training with flying colours. Her må noen vært fremme, både en og fler ganger, for å få seg et skikkelig måltid ser det ut til.

Ja, misstenker de attans brune ekle sakene jeg helst ikke nevner ved navn, men jeg pleier jo rekke komme til unsettning før det gått så her langt.

Men Clematisene kan jeg kanskje ikke skylle på de samme. Det er vel heller denne fryktede vissnesyken som slått til, eller? Det kan jo være disse udyren og da. Det pussige er vel at jeg ikke finner dem på mine runder om kvelden. Noen få hver kveld bare. Nesten så jeg ønsker det vore noen til så jeg fikk tatt dem, jeg vet jo at de er der! Men det er ute, inne vil jeg ikke ha kryp.

I'm not busy! - "You must be so busy!" "Sorry for bothering you when you're busy!" I hear this a lot.

Next time I'll say, "Read this!", then sign it, "Jean". Challies. When you don't feel like it, do it anyway - A good little kick in the pants from Karen.

Consider it pure joy - Joy is thinking, not just feeling.

Macca. I've spent my life around universities. Even now, we can see one from our back fence. Here's a post inspired by my gratitude to God for universities. I love universities. I love the long, echoing corridors, the book-lined offices, and the ridiculously steep lecture theatres. I love the lawns and paved areas spotted with students chatting, eating lunch, reading, or kissing.

I love the beautiful old stone buildings, and the funky modern ones, with their round windows and lime-green fittings.

I love university libraries. I love working in the far, dim recesses of the library, where the silence is broken only by the rustle of turning pages. I love the eye-boggling microfilm screen, filled with tiny, wavering, impossible-to-read words. Amen. Amen. no, can't say that. God doesn't want me to say that. The day of the Lord is a reference to a period of time where God enacts judgment on mankind. It is a period of time, not necessarily a day with a morning and an evening. References of such a day begin in Isaiah and are found in Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Joel, Amos, and other prophet’s writings. The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. Its a very interesting book and lays out the raison d'etre of brutal thug rulers. Worth reading. Considering this from the point of view of the church, let’s consider a couple of things. We are in the night of man’s existence. He is blind and stumbling about trying to find his way.

Judas left to betray Christ and something important began for mankind.

That reference to night was more than just an expression of the time of day. Consider these verses as perhaps more than just metaphorical. The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States by Benjamin F. Morris, American Vision, Powder Springs, Ga. I know I am supposed to view this work as diehard proof that this nation was founded on Christian principles and with Christian based insitutions. I do. The so called establishment clause referred only to the federal government's power and not to the states and the separation of church and state is a myth based on a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to some Baptists. However, that being said, this was written as a propaganda piece during the Civil War to vilify the South and to promote the cause of the Federal Government and the Northern States, some of whom had recently discussed secession themselves, as being a righteous and holy cause, the only righteous and holy cause. It rewarded my persistence, though, and I enjoyed the experience. According to Wikipedia:The Quantum Thief is the debut science fiction novel by Hannu Rajaniemi and the first novel in a trilogy featuring Jean le Flambeur. In movies, that is. Apparently he's really known as a graphic artist, but I'm not familiar with that field. This movie is not what you'd call "action-packed" but is definitely worth watching. via youtube:Moria concludes, "What you could accuse Bunker Palace Hotel of being is a film with a fascinating background in which nothing interesting happens. " Quiet Earth says "it makes for a wholly original viewing experience. As singers began posting their individual tracks, I called for ‘auditions’ for the soprano solo. He goes on to talk about how it was put together and his hopes for future projects. And now you want to put New York City through the same ordeal. Hello folks, me again. A quick discussion on spanking parties. Tudor history enthusiasts will be excited to discover that a very interesting book has just been published, written by Susan Bordo: The Creation of Anne Boleyn. This is not a historical biography, but instead, Bordo explores how Anne has been ‘created’ throughout history by different people, according to their prejudices, beliefs and culture, through a variety of mediums including film, theatre and novels. As someone who has been researching the life of her tragic, but much less famous, cousin and fellow queen Katherine Howard, I thought it would be interesting to explore how Katherine herself has been ‘created’ over the years according to different beliefs and prejudices. However, with the rise of the study of history in the Victorian period, writers began to pay much greater attention to the reigns of Henry VIII’s queens, lamented by Jane Austen.

The austere moral values and the condemnation of ‘fallen women’ in contemporary Victorian society, unsurprisingly, influenced understandings of Katherine’s story as a lesson in morality, as something to be learned from.

In relation to Katherine herself, Victorian historians were either hostile, or viewed her with pity – Agnes Strickland, perhaps the greatest female biographer of the age, characterised her as ‘a sheep being led to the slaughter’, but shied away from her shocking career, due to her stifling moral values. The film centred around the relationship between the king and his fifth wife, marginalising his affairs with his other queens. The result was that Katherine was presented as a more influential and, in a sense, important wife to the detriment of the others than she had ever been in reality. This Katherine was worldly-wise, sophisticated, and incredibly beautiful, but her charm and qualities seemed far more nuanced than the real Katherine’s probably were.

Again, we see how the context of the times shaped this interpretation – heavy moral values and the actual imprisonment of juvenile delinquents at the time for crime influenced this historian’s understanding of a queen executed for adultery.

Not horrible, though not what I was hoping to run. I wrote this on the plane after a night of insomnia - I'll go through it and correct all the typos after I get a good night's sleep. It all started with my trip to Duluth on Thursday morning. A little tight on time, since I’d have to swap terminals in Chicago, but doable. "Maybe I took the wrong dose of medication today. Possibly true as I am listening to Chris De Burgh as I write this. I end up looking like a limbo dancer trying not to knock over the pole whilst at the same time fumbling for another peg"There is something that has been annoying me recently and I have decided to get it off my chest and unleash it to you - the blogging public at large. It is, believe it or not, our washing line! Now, I know what you must be thinking. Maybe I took the wrong dose of medication today. Possibly true as I am listening to Chris De Burgh as I write this blog. But medication is certainly not the issue today. Read on and I'll explain. Although the Warley show is now a few weeks behind us, I only just got round to emptying my ‘samples box’ last week, working out how I’m going to feature some of the products that various traders were kind enough to pass my way. Ironically, there’s now a choice of kits for this feature, from Shawplan and Peter Harvey Design, both looking supremely well executed and I’m looking forward to trying both. phd-design. co. Check out his video on youtube. It's amazing. Alex is a great guy, and while this circle thing is a pretty cool gig for him, he knows a lot about good teaching. .