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AGH. I have been horrible with updates. I promise I will be updated in the near future.

Just wanted yall to know I am still alive.

The U. The measure now goes to the Senate, where it's passage is far from assured.

There are a lot of pro-ethanol Senators that could scuttle the bill.

Rep. " Rep.

It never has been.

It never is.

It never will be. Our biblical ancestors Abraham and Sarah left the city of Ur in southern Iraq, the book of Genesis says, to move north and west up the Euphrates River to Haran in modern-day Turkey. And from Haran they were called to Canaan, and from Canaan they traveled to Egypt, and from Egypt they returned to Canaan. It wasn’t a straight line. for I, the Lord your God, am holy. The Church, however, clasping sinners to her bosom, at once holy and always in need of purification, follows constantly the path of penance and renewal. The bond with him takes precedence over all other bonds, familial or social. Christ himself has invited certain persons to follow him in this way of life, of which he remains the model: 'For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. University libraries often keep a file of old exams, at least for those courses whose professors approve of the idea, and make them available to students. As best I can tell, there are two reasons they do so. One is to help students study for exams they are going to take. The other is to prevent students who have access to old exams from other sources, a friend who took the course the year before or a fraternity that keeps a file of old exams provided by its members, from having an advantage over students who lack such access. My own practice is to cut out the middleman by webbing some of my old exams and linking to them on the class web page. I have, however, some reservations about the practice, having to do with how the old exams are used by students. The way I want them to use the exams is as a way of checking on how well they know the material, so that if they think they understand part of it and don't they will discover the problem before, not after, taking the final. As I mentioned recently, I've been engaged in several self-publishing projects lately. How to Milk an Almond, Stuff an Egg, and Armor a Turnip: A Thousand Years of Recipes is now available from CreateSpace, Amazon. These are necessary because period recipes tend to leave out irrelevant details such as quantities, temperatures, and times. So far I need to replace the X axis stepper motor it has a bad connection inside of it somewhere as can be seen in this video on Youtube.

I only connected to the pins that I needed for X, Y, and Z for Step, Direction and Enable, they are blue, green and yellow.

The enables are all connected to ground.

Here is a picture of the Ramps wiring. The heat bed is not wired up yet.

You get a corrugated plastic yard sign with a heavy duty sturdy 'spider stake'.

This is Christopher Chope, Conservative MP for Christchurch. He is the one responsible for the proposed bill to exclude all health care professionals from the protections of the working time directive.

He's also known as "Chopper" Chope, for his ruthless cutting of council spending whilst a councillor.

Fuck me, my entire suite didn't cost that much to buy. He's also campaigned to reintroduce National service, and the death penalty. See here for a fuller roundup of what sort of an MP he is. What a prime cunt!. Oh bollocks!. The ultimate answer to those religious nutcases who think wanking should not be allowed is to point out that there is no law against it. Yet. But in Oklahoma there is a politician who has introduced an amendment to a bill which would in fact classify masturbation as a “crime against the unborn child” and thus criminalise it. In fact she is being sarcastic and has introduced the amendment as a protest at the bill which is designed to make abortion all but unobtainable in Oklahoma. Sadly I think her sarcasm may well be lost on many americans, and her amendment might even get some support among the loony fundamentalists. Over on Pharyngula, American blogger P Z Myers is getting justifiably annoyed that some US states seem determined to promote religious education in public schools. In the US this is prohibited by law but proponents are getting round it by having it included, bizarrely, in the science curriculum.

The intention is clear and dishonest, to expose american kids to religious doctrine, masquerading as science.

I don’t think that american secularists have too much to worry about. US citizens already have a high proportion of faithful, and fundamentalist christians, and these would be unaffected by the change. Similarly atheist youngsters are unlikely to be swayed. That leaves those sitting on the fence. As an illustration just look at the UK.

In stark contrast to the US, British state schools are legally obliged to make all pupils engage in a daily act of collective christian worship.

There is a lot of medical research carried out which is in my view a waste of time, and many papers published which I think are totally pointless. In most cases though I suspect the authors’ of these papers could at least make a stab at justifying their work and would be able to argue their point with me. However once in a while someone’s research stands out as an example of sheer waste of time, talent and resources. Research which no reasonable person would accept is going to make any significant contribution to the health of mankind. Research whose sole objective seems to be to find a way of enriching unprincipled doctors. This is just such a project. It is easy to get a thousand prescriptions but hard to get one single remedy. Chinese Proverb. Over the next few days, I'm going to post a series of five homilies on the new translation. I wrote them early because there will be four other priests, along with me, who will be taking Masses at my two parishes during that time, and I figured if I was going to ask them to go along with this, I owed them as much help as I could. So, since they are ready, I thought if I posted them now, there might be priests who would like to see them. Also, if someone sees something that is incorrect or unclear, I'll be happy to have a chance to fix it. If you are reading this, but not a priest, you may want to mention this to any priests who you think will find it helpful. It was certainly nice to meet many familiar faces, the Northern Runners, FatBird Runners, SAFRA Yishun runners, SgRunners, as well as many new faces who were joining in such runs for the first time.

After the customary group photo, the runners set off merrily towards Yishun Dam.

That route brought back fond memories of all the scenic runs and SAFRA Time Trials held there, including various night sessions of recce runs for Sundown Marathon preparations.

The Running Guides and Route Marshals were doing a fine job of guiding the runners, as well as explaining the sights and scenery of the area, making may of us feel like tourists on a local tour of the Northern Region. Rose Marie writes about the pressure women feel to live up to the standard for perfect womanhood.

She begins by talking about women from the southern US.

Always trying to look good is a terrible burden to bear. The problem is that your conscience condemns you because you must do everything perfectly. You mentally make a list of how to be the perfect wife, mother, or daughter. If you don't measure up, you either try harder or give up. I was paying for petrol when I glanced over at the magazine rack and noticed this quote on the cover of January's Harper's Bazaar:Victoria's Secret. You have to believe in yourself, because no-one else will. It seems that Victoria Beckham has discovered the secret to happiness. ". I said to him, "Shall I tell you where the men are who believe most in themselves?. Told you boys can make guns out of anything. Even worthy educational toys like this one. Can't buy cool & damn sure can't fake it. The folks in sales thought it was important that we continue the naming style we had established so far with Zeus: King of the Gods and Athena: Grey Eyed Goddess, with the god or goddess's name first, followed by subtitle. In addition to telling the story of the courtship and wedding of Zeus and Hera, you also get to see the story of Io, the Twelve Labors of Heracles, meet Jason and the Argonauts and see what happens on that mysterious day every year when Hera abandons her position as the wife of Zeus and Queen of the Gods. Cool stuff, if I may say so myself. The Husband and The Younger Son saw this in the theater, but I passed on it at the time. It's a fun movie, with good character development and an interesting plot incorporating all the characters. trailer:Rolling Stone says, "You won't have more fun anywhere than losing your shit at Avengers: Age of Ultron. And you don't have to be a Marvel geek to get with the vibe". The Guardian calls it "Whedon's heroic cavalcade of fun". Screen Rant says it's "One of the most exciting and entertaining Marvel entries. " Time says, "Joss Whedon's super-sharp writing elevates the newest Marvel film beyond the pack". It's a broad, asphalt path, wheelchair accessible, and is well-labeled. There's a mark at the edge of the path in front of each labeled tree: There are benches all along the trail: and nice views of the river: This loop is just over a mile long, and there were plenty of pedestrians enjoying the day when I was there. Here's a map:. The Muppets remake Blair Witch:. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it. ” In this passage, there are statements about man, temptation, and God. So what is the problem? Man thinks he is strong. The most notable thing about this week was the prolotherapy shots I got on Tuesday. I made it well over a year. Frankly, I thought I was done with injections. Another week in a holding pattern. Basically, my right foot feels fine with rest, but gets aggravated again when I run. I’m not injured per se, because I’m keeping the running to a level where I’m not doing any long standing damage from my gait being off, but the potential is there. And I can’t really train like this. There’s always swimming, of course. .