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 The ProStreet Roadster and the HeartBreaker will be displayed at the Metzeler booth. Dirico representatives will be available to discuss these two new motorcycles of exceptional design. “This is an incredible ride. I sat down at a bass drum set up Mike had at his booth and tried one out. Surprisingly, the action felt really good. The range of adjustment is very wide, from barely having to put weight on the pedal to having to nearly stomp on it. and its union leaders reached a proposed labor agreement on Friday that could keep manufacturing operations and hundreds of jobs in Wisconsin. Workers are expected to vote on the contract Sept. Read the rest. for you know neither the day nor the hour. ”Prayer of intercession consists in asking on behalf of another. It knows no boundaries and extends to one's enemies. I no longer call you slaves, because a slave does not know what his master is doing. I have called you friends, because I have told you everything I have heard from my Father. The late Stephen Jay Gould was both an evolutionary biologist and a popular essayist. In the book The Mismeasure of Man he argued that scientists unconsciously manipulate their data to fit their preexisting prejudices. According to Gould, Morton skewed his data in various ways to fit his racial beliefs. I have just read an article by a group of modern anthropologists who went over Morton's data and remeasured many of the skulls that Morton measured—something Gould did not do. The authors concluded that most of Gould's criticisms were poorly supported or falsified. The errors that Gould reported in Morton's analysis resulted from errors by Gould, not by Morton. Morton did make some mistakes in his work, but they were in the opposite direction from his biases. One claim I have repeatedly seen in online arguments about global warming is that it has not really paused because the "missing heat" has gone into the ocean. Before asking whether that claim is true, it is worth first asking how anyone could know it is true. A simple calculation suggests that the answer is one couldn't. As follows. I just came across a blog which contained the following:The rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than that proportion. Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations The actual quote is: It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion. Not only has the blogger removed without notice the first seven words of the sentence, sharply changing its meaning, he has capitalized the word that starts his truncated sentence, thus pretending that what he is giving is the whole sentence. Of course, the dishonesty is only in the blogger who first posted the supposed quote—various others seem to have copied it from him. I'll see if the blogger is honest enough to let it show up. Most of those are probably honest errors by people who didn't actually read the text with any care, but this looks like deliberate dishonesty. For those who are curious, what Smith is saying in the quote is that a particular tax, desirable on other grounds, should not be rejected just because it falls more heavily on the rich. "Some metaphors now current have been twisted out of their original meaning without those who use them even being aware of the fact. For example, toe the line is sometimes written as tow the line. Traditionally, the nation's economic engine rooms have been on the coasts. Not so much lately. Seems that the economy is favoring the warmer parts of the country. Texas showed to have a surprisingly high number of booming cities on this list of the best local economies in the U. S. Labels: capitalism, economy, things you find on the InterWeb. There is quit a story that goes with Bill's Sears Cruiser restoration but for now I am going to eave it until later. We are just in the middle of the story and I don't want to ruin some of it going forward. For now I will say the Sears Cruiser will receive a total restoration with new paint, new tires, new handlebars, new grips, new seat and all new bearings. The Sears Cruiser is rough, it has been outside for a time but I think it will turn out very nice. Below in the photos it after paint stripping and before media blasting. The rust was pretty bad but it is not structurally bad. There is some pretty heavy pitting and damage to the surface. The Nylon Applique flag features Snoopy carrying books. It reads SCHOOL IS COOL. Words read correctly from both sides. If you loved the Gnomeo and Juliet Movie, you will simply adore having these little friends frolicking between the plants of your own garden. As with most of Nick's observations, it got me thinking a bit. We appear to differ on the underlying cause of this behavior. Nick takes the bubble and its behavior as exogenous. There is a growing bubble in money/bonds, which is drawing resources away from private capital investment. I was out today climbing a small mountain. Small enough to attract a lot of visitors, but large enough to represent a couple of hours of hard slog.

Not content with this exchange of pleasantries he then proceeded to lecture me on the work of the creator, and how, on reaching the summit I should reflect on His marvellous works.

Somewhat taken aback I mumbled something polite and inoffensive and carried on. What is it with these religious fuckwits that they can not resist any opportunity to try and ram their stupid superstition down the throats of anyone whose path they cross. I wish I was one of these quick thinking witty types who can always find the right reply in these circumstances. Then I might have been able to riposte with something really clever and witty, such as “fuck off you twat!”. For parents of teens, a list worth memorizing: The grace to love them when they don’t want to be loved. The grace to love when they are not very loveable. The grace to keep giving when it seems I can never give enough. The grace to keep giving when there’s no giving in return. Here's an interview I did with my friend Susie. If you want to know how blogging fits into my life, how I think about the whole writing thing, and how this has changed over the years, here it is! What does being creative mean to you? Words flowing as if they have nothing to do with me. Walking or listening to music until I’m in that relaxed state where ideas float into my mind. Editing until every sentence is like a carefully-placed line in a painting.

Going to sleep with a question and waking up with an answer.

That joyous moment when I know just what to say and how to say it. Here's why I need it. Love: to enable me to put others' needs above my own, even when I'm aching to have my needs met. Joy: to remember God's salvation and blessings when I'm moaning inwardly as I go about my tasks.

Peace: for all the times I'm tempted to worry about the future, and so I can encourage my children to be peacemakers.

Kindness: to help me creatively and generously care for my family and those in need. And of course, it still leaves me wondering exactly what's wrong, so I'll have to learn to trust God with my uncertainties. But you know what? I don't mind looking foolish if in some small way it's encouraging for you to hear about my worries and fears, and how God has dealt with them. Perhaps some day you'll be in a similar situation, or perhaps you were encouraged to hear how God's grace meets all our needs. Or perhaps you thought I was a bit of an idiot, and that's ok, I agree with you entirely. m.

Today's piece is a sketch of warrior goddess Athena, from before a period where I realized how important it is that she be wearing robes along with her armor.

The juxtaposition of hard and soft is essential to her character. Because I'm doing finishes of this battle now, here's an old sketch book study of Heracles fighting the Hydra. With yet another director, Doug Bradley as Pinhead is the sole connection to previous films. " It's very episodic, and I had trouble finding a through plotline. It's time this series met Abbott and Costello.

It was not the least bit scary or amusing.

Maybe if we had kids of a suitable age who might appreciate it? Maybe. I can't find a bad review online, and the movie was nominated for multiple awards and won some of them. Anarchy in the U. K. Michael Carcerano as celebrant. . The apostles continued to preach the death and resurrection of Jesus. The apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders among the people. And all the believers used to meet together in Solomon's Colonnade. No one else dared join them, even though they were highly regarded by the people. Nevertheless, more and more men and women believed in the Lord and were added to their number. As a result, people brought the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and mats so that at least Peter's shadow might fall on some of them as he passed by. Crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing their sick and those tormented by evil spirits, and all of them were healed. Then the high priest and all his associates, who were members of the party of the Sadducees, were filled with jealousy. They arrested the apostles and put them in the public jail. But during the night an angel of the Lord opened the doors of the jail and brought them out. ” Maybe this is saying the same thing three times. Or it may be three different acts of the Holy Spirit. “And you also were included in Christ when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. There was also an ecumenical movement by the same denominations. “Ecumenical” means “promoting or tending toward worldwide Christian unity. ” The difficulty with this movement was that the cardinal doctrines were denied or played down and so was the “born again” experience. Real Christians were marginalized in their own churches. Many Christians and churches left these liberal denominations. It was bad in that the attitude was more of an anti-modernist than a love for enemies. “Although they know God's righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them. Gossip is a means of approving sin. It is a vicarious enjoyment of someone else’s sin by savoring it by talking about the sin and listening to the talk. This is a means of enjoying sin without actually doing the sin. In fact, the talk may have the tone and content of disapproval. This week was fun, in that it illustrated just how much of a difference weather conditions can make. For much of the week I was in chilly DC, which was just about perfect temperature for running. But I flew down to Tampa on Wednesday for a two day conference, returning on Friday afternoon. Which meant that I did Friday's scheduled workout of two miles at tempo/half-mile jog/one mile hard in Florida, on a bike trail abutting Old Tampa Bay. It was tough getting out there, but I dug deep. Maybe a bit more. OK, a lot more. I love message boards, fora, blogs, etc and have played on them since the days of Mosaic. But I'm not alone here. We interact on those forums because of the friendships we build, and I've made some darn good ones. Related Link:New Redline Drop in FilterRedline Drop in Filter Price&ModelPrevious Washing Count. rapid-eng. co. ProductsProducts Rapid Engineering are authorised distributors of many. More results from rapid-eng. Bearing Station - Adhesives, Bearings, Belts, Chains, O Rings, Oil. bearingstation. co. uk/Bearing Station carry from stock all types of bearings, chains and sprockets, taper. .