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The environmentally-friendly, water soluble Oil Eater solution flows through the integral cleaning brush, making for easy clean-up, and a removable lid keeps the tank clean and neat when not in use.

The tank's high-impact plastic body is tough and lightweight, and the heavy-duty pump resists corrosion. It also has an on/off switch. ". The heat stopped working in my van this spring.

That was not a serious problem for most of the summer.

Fall is here and naturally I had to fix it. The symptom is a "clunking" noise from behind the radio/climate control. So I removed the radio/climate control assembly by removing the two screws above the ash tray/cup holder. I had already broken off the other two screws that were at the top of the radio/heat control section when I replaced the radio. What happened between those ice ages? Lets stop wasting our money on nonsense and fight a real critical problem. One study on monkeys showed that monkeys that were vaccinated with the same vaccinations that our children get develop autism and other neurological diseases. There was a control group that did not get vaccinations and that did not develop the diseases. This study clearly proves the link between the vaccinations and autism. Ever notice that I don't ever post graphics that show that I'm a certain book or character or brand of disposable lighter or whatnot?I don't know why other folks, often very talented and interesting bloggers, want to use such filler. About the only one that I've seen lately that impressed me was one that said how much of a Mauser nut you are. Pink Inc. Printed Coco Coir Doormat Nautical Design by William F. Ink for the design is imprinted deep within the coco fibers of the mat to ensure a long lasting and sharp design. Our doormats are a great, environment friendly way to make the most of your entrance. ”In assembling this list, the editorial staff emphasized one key question: What have you done for us lately? They also considered its important corollary: What will you do for us tomorrow?Ranked high on this list was Ed Zander, CEO, Motorola, Inc. with the slimmed-down handsets leading the charge, Motorola looks stronger than ever. So the politicians think that there aren’t enough working class youngsters going to medical school. The lower classes were kept firmly in their place by this denial of access to the professions.

With Grammar schools, free university education, and student grants the playing fields were leveled and the universities started to fill with the son & daughters of the masses.

My own year at medical school was a strong illustration of this. Several of my posts in the past have focused on people seeing religious figures or texts in random objects. My recent post on the virgin Mary in a bit of bird shit is an example. Something I did not know is that there is a word for this. Pareidolia. You learn something new every day don’t you. Many thanks to Orac for the education. Because of a triathlon event along the Northern part of ECP, we made some modifications to our time trial route and in the end, it proved to be smooth sailing for the runners in spite of the slightly more challenging access. The trainers and pacers led very well from the start, and with their bright green Brooks attire, were visible from a distance away.

There was an air of seriousness as the Kingfishers were focused on the optimal race pace at hand, which was close or at Tempo pace for many.

It was nice to see the groups sticking together even after the first lap, which could only mean that the runners were able to sustain an achievable pace till then. We've been having a great discussion about kids and chores. Thanks to those who wrote in! Here's my thoughts. Please remember, this post describes what I'm aiming for more than what I actually achieve! I can be pretty haphazard about chores, especially during busy times of the year. It would be fantastic to teach kids some of the principles and verses above!I think if I had been given some of this reasoning while I was growing up, it would have helped me to do some of the hard and apparently "pointless" chores more cheerfully. This was written three months into this blog, when the pressure of posting every day, the expectation I was feeling from others to keep writing, and the unfamiliar sensation of exposing my inner thoughts and feelings to others, was starting to tell. I've been feeling down recently. I'm on my morning walk. I have dragged my feet to this rock, and am sitting here writing this in a tiny notebook, next to a lake with a rippled blue surface and visiting wood ducks and herons. The beauty is the furthest thing from my mind: it doesn't even touch the way I'm feeling. I hesitate to call this feeling "depression" because I know clinical depression is far worse than this. I can get out of bed in the morning. I am aware of the cool breeze on my face, and the soft, deep blue of today's sky - although, like inadequate pain medication, they only take the edge off. When I pray, I can feel God's nearness - the skies haven't turned to brass, and my prayers don't feel like they're echoing off an empty heaven. If I put a cowboy hat on you, a badge that said “Sheriff”, and a belt and six shooter, what would you be a type of then? A western sheriff, perhaps? But, would you really be a sheriff? No, you wouldn’t. But, if I went looking for a western cowboy sheriff I would now have an idea what I was looking for would look like.

There are types in the Bible.

In fact, there are two main types in the Bible. One is a type of Christ and the other is a type of Satan and his anti-Christ. These are the two main types in the Bible. Notice that forbear is used in contrast to “go”, “shall I go” or “shall I forbear”. Again in the following verses we have forbear used in contrast with an “or” to show that they are meant to be opposites but the contrast is to hear. In each instance of forbear it is used in contrast to someone who is going or hearing. In this instance the contrast is in the next verse. Not the most exciting task but a "have to do" chore. Some holes on the old Styleline simply required welding shut, some I choose to plate from the rear and fill and a few needed presice filler pieces fitted to the hole and welded flush. The results speak for themselves, once welded shut and ground down the hammered out panel will be ready for final bodywork to begin. MacDonald.

He pays his own expenses.

from the back of the book:Smart, honest, tough, but very tender, John D. MacDonald's famous fictional hero Travis McGee is a fearless adventurer, an intrepid investigator, a champion of underdogs, a rescuer of ladies in distress, and a contemporary philosopher extraordinaire. Keeping himself alive is something McGee has always taken for granted -until his search for a wealthy friend's missing yacht places him square in the center of the international cocaine trade. As he follows a scorching white line from Miami's penthouse suites to a tiny village in Mexico's Yukatan Peninsula, Travis finds himself the target of some of the most ruthless villains he's ever met. On the TV series Leverage this movie is named as the first mainstream film o show forensic science in a murder investigation. It was nominated for the Oscar for Best Story. The Husband, The Younger Son and I enjoyed this movie. It has held up surprisingly well. trailer:Time Out calls it "a neat thriller" with "nice performances". DVD Talk describes it as "an engaging murder investigation story that introduced scientific medical research to film audiences" and says, "The unassuming, entertaining murder tale Mystery Street holds up well". Noir of the Week says, "after WWII, more and more films were shot on location and that Mystery Street might be the earliest example of a film shot entirely in the Boston area. The Daughter and I went to Muddy's Bake Shop earlier this Summer. She had been there, but I never had. We wanted a place we could sit outside while we had a cuppa coffee and thought we'd try here.

The coffee was fine and the cake was perfection.

I had the strawberry cake, which was just the right amount of strawberry-tasty: The Daughter had the Grasshopper cake you can see in the background of that picture, and she ate every crumb.

She saved her sprinkly cookies for later.

I find it strangely soothing.

It stars Kim Basinger, around whom no Elvis impersonator is safe and John Corbett, a man whose soon-to-be-ex-wife is an Elvis impersonator. - Full seasons and entire episodes online. MSN has an overview. Eph. However, if we think about it, those are only passing, and end when our earthly journey ends. Our Lord in the Gospel today is talking about something much greater and more important than that.

What we have are two of four lessons which St.

Luke groups together since they all have to do with a banquet. Hello folks, sorry it has been a while since I posted but I have been doing some major works at my flat, where finally it is no longer a flea pit/Victorian pile/building site. but a home. I have had my floor done and most of my furniture has now arrived. Anne of Bohemia was the eldest surviving daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and his fourth wife Elizabeth of Pomerania.

One of the more shadowy of England's medieval queens, Anne was reputed to be kind, charitable and was popular among her English subjects.

The chronicler of Evesham described her thus: 'This queen, although she did not bear children, was still held to have contributed to the glory and wealth of the realm, as far as she was able. Anne Stanhope, duchess of Somerset, has long had a negative reputation. William Seymour, who was a descendant of Somerset's second son by his rejected first wife, characterised Anne Stanhope as a 'proud, domineering woman, with a passion for precedence and an overwhelming interest in personal aggrandizement'. Susan E. James referred, in her biography of Queen Katherine Parr, to Anne's 'myopic arrogance'. Like other elite Tudor women, including Frances Grey, duchess of Suffolk, Anne has been slandered and criticised for perceived faults in her character. Her character has been termed arrogant, overbearing, ruthless and haughty. If she was ambitious, she was, so it goes, monstrously so. This is from Rob Cheeley, a medical doctor in China. Jim, A quick thought— I like what you wrote on this, but have been pursuing something beyond what you wrote. By that I mean a more specific answer as to the HOW of obedience. I think our words of freedom unto obedience sound empty to them until they can obtain some victory through implementing the promises of God to be their strength in the process. How to utilize His strength is very clearly described in many places in the Bible. ” The Glory of God is the bull’s eye. All of us have missed it. We have fallen short of God’s glory. However there are clearer and stronger words. Here are a few of them with the Bible references. Rebellion and Arrogance: For rebellion is like the sin of divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, he has rejected you as king. He thinks that spiritual truths are foolishness. It does not occur to him that his lack of understanding makes him the fool. The weather was all over the board this week. On Monday, a snow storm closed my local pool. My coach cancelled morning track, encouraging us to go to the evening workout instead. I ended up returning to Iwo Jima for hill repeats - it was the only real option, since the track was unusable, and my normal fallback of the Whitehurst Freeway underpass had too much traffic at that time of day to be safe. Since I have a hilly half-marathon in a few weeks, it probably wasn't a bad thing to get some hill work in. During my hill workout, the skies opened up and it poured, while the temperatures rose quickly, resulting in a river flowing down the hill as I ran up it. I've always regretted the fact that you can't replicate hill workouts in the pool. But apparently you can replicate pool-running workouts while doing hill repeats. The kit is nearly as old as I am, but probably looks more youthful. Again, as has already been mentioned, the original waterslide transfers have been used, save for the BR running number that came from a Fox pack - I still can't believe that they worked so well, with no sign of yellowing or cracking.

One of the last steps has been to finish the roof: thin paper has been applied, with a couple of holes and lifting corners to mimic damaged roofing felt.

This is the first time that I've tried this technique and, while it isn't perfect, I'm happy enough with the results. All that's lacking now is a set of working couplings, but I've run out of my favourite Smiths units, so they're on the list for my next trip to the model shop. One of which was resplendent in a fresh coat of blue. This week we cover many good user tips, and one surprising Autodesk announcement. Instead of WIPEOUT: you can set backgrounds to MTEXT and Dimension text in DIMSTYLE: choose "as background" for color. We post daily on the topic of AutoCAD/LT and features/abilities of interest to users:you can find us at. .